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Ask me anything   PATRICK CROTTY's stuff. I work for Small Talk magazine, write video game reviews for Vice. I have a risograph printing press and I live in stockholm, Sweden. PSN: stupidgirlfriend

    Hey if any of my tumblr buddies orders this I’ll send a bunch of extra swag because you guys are the best. :D hihi! 


    Look! This is our first book we’ve made with our riso, but even better, our first comic book we’ve made together. Flood City is the beginning of three short stories set in the same super nice and summery “post apocalyptic” city. A kids story, a kinda sexy almost yaoi story, and an adults story.  By Patrick, Elliot, and Olle

    10€ gets you this book + 3 original sketches + some sticker. Ships totally WORLDWIDE from Stockholm. we work with paypal but order through us by mailing to contact {at} 

    If we sell all the books we can get another color for our printer!! and make more awesome stuff here in sweden! 

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